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Best Cochlear Implant Surgery Center in Delhi


A Cochlear implant is a device which is inserted through surgery in the inner ear and it is purely a surgical process. This surgery will help you to tackle the issues like sensorineural, hearing loss in both the ears and inner ear dysfunction. It is a very safe process.

Why cochlear implant surgery is necessary

Health care provider and our audiologists may consider a cochlear implant surgery if you are experiencing hearing loss and continue to rely heavily on lip reading. People who need this surgery include individuals who:

  • Suffering from relying heavily on lip reading, despite wearing hearing aids

  • Have hearing ability in both the ears but with poor sound clarity

  • Sometimes you miss half or more of spoken words, without lip reading, even when wearing hearing aids

Success Rate of Cochlear Implant

The best result till now we have received with the children age of 0-3 years. They achieved 90 to 95 percent language and hearing improvement. And about 80 to 85 percent of children develop a hearing speech equally as normal hearing. For any queries: toll-free number 1800-121-4408.


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